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  Did you know hat winds on our planet are created by the difference in temperature between the equatorial regions and the poles? Here is our little contribution to learn how wind is created and to apply that knowledge to your kitesurf,...

Researchers have found that feeling “stoked” when doing water sports is triggered by negative ions found in the atmosphere around turbulent water. In this article we explain more about the effects of negative ions and water sports....

You probably heard that in spring 2016, two kiteboarders drowned in Tarifa after being dragged out to the ocean by a strong rip current. It wasn’t a common kitesurfing accident at all; every surfer or swimmer could have been in...

You are planning your next kitesurfing trip and first thing you open up WINDGURU or WINDFINDER to have a look how the wind conditions are going to be. Well, good idea. Then you arrive and you get the feeling that...