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Tarifa has a unique location:

Right in front of Africa, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet and melt. The straight of Gibraltar!

Its also surrounded by natural parks and stunning beaches, making our lovely town, one of the jewels of Southern Spain.

Let us take you through a journey of discovery, rich culture and endless kitesurfing sessions.

Welcome to our paradise!

What to do in Tarifa?

Tarifa is known as the Mecca of Kitesurf.

What to Do

Kiteclasses Tarifa

Kitesurf lessons

surf camp

Surf Lessons

kitecamp tarifa


yoga classes

Kite & Yoga

Wing Foil Flysurfer

Wing Foil Lessons

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Gear Rental

Vagabond 47 Sailing charter


Wing Foil Flysurfer

Wing Foil Lessons

kitesurf tarifa<br />

Gear Rental


We can make the task of finding the right place to stay easy for you.

We have teamed up with some of the best places in Tarifa, from hotels to private rooms, to make sure we cover all your needs and budget!

City or beachfront?

Rather you prefer the city center than the beach front?

We will find the best options and conditions for you.

Room or appartment?

We have several other rooms and apartments as well as special deals with hotels in the city.

(Note that all our kitesurfing and activity packages are also available with or without accommodation!)

Destination Dakhla

One of the world best Spots



Beautiful City, perfect Wavespots

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