You still don’t have your equipment?
Or you haven’t decided which brand to choose?
Maybe your suitcase is already full and extra baggage too expensive?


We are proud to be a unique Zian Kiteboarding development center in Europe and for kitesurfing rentals we offer you Zian kites, a new and innovative Kitebrand, developed according to the highest safety standards.

Zian stands for comfort, stability, and has an automatic relaunch, so it is the optimal kite to learn kitesurfing. The bar of our kites has low bar pressure, making it a simple and safe to control. You can choose from three different models:

  • “Aquila” the best kite in terms of freeride and is a champion in light wind conditions.
  • “Kima” engineered to make wave-riding and learning as fun and effortless as possible.
  • “Hantu” blends a real C-kite feel to get the best freestyle performance, simplicity and safety of a delta kite.


  • You can choose the kite size from 3m to 14m. This allows you to find the right kite for all wind conditions.
  • To be really safe on the spot, we recommend you to book a supervision to all our rental which starts only from €20 per day.
  • Free Your Mind is also an official Zian Test Center so contact us if you want to test our kites.
  • Please bring a recognised form of ID and bank card when hiring.

    Kite + board + bar + harness. Includes wetsuit + helmet + life jacket.

    €30/h €70/day

    Launch + land assistance ; safety advices ; progression tips ; transfer to the spot

    €20 / day

    Kite + bar (kite size depending on the weather conditions)


    A range of twintips, surf and light wind boards.


    Wetsuits (S/M/L/XL/XXL) -women/men. Harnesses (S/M/L)- waist or seat versions available.