How winds are created


Did you know hat winds on our planet are created by the difference in temperature between the equatorial regions and the poles?
Here is our little contribution to learn how wind is created and to apply that knowledge to your kitesurf, surf or any related sport!

They are the flow of air from high to low pressure.

As warm air rises in the Tropics, it flows towards the poles, where the air pressure is lower.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

On its way there, the air cools and sinks again, conversely leading to higher pressure encounter flows near the surface.

Therefore, the wind allows the heat to be distributed throughout the planet.


Equatorial regions receive more heat from the Sun than other parts of the world. This leads to differences in air temperature, density and pressure, which in turn, cause the air to move and creating wind. This air movement constitutes the general circulation of the atmosphere, transporting heat away from equatorial regions towards the poles, and returning cooler air to the tropics.

As mentioned before this is the way winds distributes heat energy over our planet.

This process of energy redistribution, combined with the earthโ€™s rotation, generates the weather patterns we experience everyday. And makes our planet habitable.

Check our video below to have a graphic and simplified explanation ๐Ÿ™‚


If we did not have any winds in the atmosphere, it would be extremely hot in the tropical regions and extremely cold in the northern regions. We would not be able to leave in Europe for example.

Why? Because the wind is a very effective transport of energy, similar to the draft we may get in the house for having a window and a door open. By opening a window, we get the air flowing and lower the temperature in the house.

Wind has the same effect for the air circulation.


Since the dawn of time, mankind has been trying to assess winds and predict the weather.

Where in ancient times, farmers had to consult oracles, today we have more modern ways to predict the weather.

The wind clearly plays an important role in weather forecasts. But not only it is important for planning our daily lives. It is also vital for many commercial activities such as farming, fishing, transport, and for taking appropriate measures when extreme weather is on the horizon.

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So there you go, a bit of knowledge and probably another reason to love the wind even more!

And no, we did not really need another reason, isn’t it!

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