yoga classes

After the outbreak of coronavirus

Hello, lovely people out there.

Right now we are in Sri Lanka where we planned to open a hotel in May…

You know… for us, as a family and business, this covid-19 brings our complete existence to instability…

Or should I say the need for reinvention?
We lived a very free life, travelling, selling and sharing dreams.

Now, we are looked down.. Same as our business. Its time for reinvention or adjustment it seems… but where it goes?

Who knows, we do not for now…

The only thing I know, is that all of you out there, are the reason that made our lives possible the last years. Which gave us the motivation to move and create these experiences in beautiful locations, as Sri Lanka, Morocco etc.
Especially this year, we planned several different continents and projects… let’s see how everything develops.

I think it is the time to move together, to become more and more a community where we can support each other.
We will do this via free yoga and meditation online classes for now. You can sign up here to assist. You just need a device and an internet connection.

Next Saturday, March 28thy, we plan a small first online yoga festival, would be awesome to see you virtually!

And last but not least, if you have some suggestions for us, or want to share anything, please feel free to do so.
That is exactly the purpose if being part of a community!

I am sure you will hear again from us soon, for now, I invite to read the word from Carole about our global situation, and wish you all the best as invite you to use this quiet time wisely 😉