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Why you should do Yoga after kitesurfing ?


Kitesurfing is a sport that requires a lot of concentration and coordination, as you have to be able to focus on several things at the same time: control the movement of the kite, the board and your body position, among others. In order to be able to do all these things, not only you will need to be strong, but also flexible and focused.

This is why yoga is a perfect combination for kitesurfing. I know the word yoga sounds a bit scary, especially if you feel you are “made of wood” when you try to touch your toes with your hands, but believe me, it will make you feel so much better, and it will even improve your performance!

So let me tell you the real benefits of adding some yoga into your life if you are a kitesurfer (or practitioner of any sports – really)

1. The risk of suffering an injury decreases enormously

Yoga will not only make your muscles stronger and flexible, but also to your joints and bones.

Take the example of a dry branch and a Willow tree branch. As the latter is bendy, you can apply pressure to it and try to break it, but it is much more resistant than a dry branch. The same will happen to the muscles, joints and bones in your body – “I bend, so I don’t break”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

2. Your coordination and mobility will improve

As I mentioned above, when kiting, you need to coordinate and focus on many things at the same time. By practicing yoga, you will learn to control your body and movements better. Your breath will become deeper and more stable, which will also help you to concentrate and be more present in what you are doing.

All this will help you get a better performance and even let you do new tricks, as your muscles will be stronger and more agile.

3. Your muscles and joints will recover better and faster after kiting

There is no better way to please your body, than by giving it a very nice and complete stretch after doing any sports.

After contracting your muscles for some hours in the water, your body  deserves some relaxation. Yoga will let you destress those muscles and calm your mind. The sensation of being “so-sore-you-can’t-move” will be replaced by an “oh-I-feel-so-good mood!”

4. Balance on the mat, balance in life (and sports!)

Yoga will help you to get the balance you need, physically and emotionally: helping you to act and respond more carefully to different situations throughout your life, including sports, which can be really stressful especially if you are competing.

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By Catalina San Martin

Chilean traveler and yoga teacher. Discovered kitesurfing in Dakhla, Morocco and have been combining both yoga and kite since then.

Currently teaching yoga to Kitesurfers in Morocco.

Follow her on @catasanmartin.yoga and youtube channel Catalina San Martin Yoga.