Loving and accepting your body is a powerful tool

Just as a start, I want to say this is not a writing for women only. This is for all of us who have ever felt we need to change something from our bodies or simply not take care of it or not pay attention to it. 

Not accepting your body is actually something that can go both ways, paying too much attention to be fit and “healthy” or not paying attention at all.

In Yoga as in any other sport we come to realize how much we are able to do if we put our mindset into it and how far can our bodies go if we allow it with practice and patience.

loving your body is yoga too

Starting point

But when is it enough? Aren’t you just perfect even if you are not fit or really fit? or neither? When is it, that we are truly comfortable with our bodies? 

Those answers we can only respond after getting aware of what is going on through our heads when we don’t accept ourselves.

And of course, I am talking here about bodies, but it might also be some part of us that we are not accepting too (the perfectionist side of us or the lazy part of us as an example of it)

A starting point could perfectly be making conscious of why are we not accepting our bodies.

This feeling you might be able to catch it when you are being too hard on yourself or self-criticizing and cut it or stop it with a “STOP IT” out loud.

Being kind to ourselves

So then what happens? Do we stop with just saying “stop it” right away? Probably not but it will make you less aggressive on yourself.

And probably will make you better at anything you put your heart/mind into.  Just allow yourself to be just as you are.

Knowing your body, the limitations will help you free yourself from so many things that are left imprinted in our bodies. Like pain, sadness or suffering.

Our bodies are a map of our lives but it can all ease up while being aware of how it’s functioning and how it reacts to certain things (sleeping, food, illness, etc)

Loving yourself in covid-19 times

Having this quarantine time helps out a lot if we want to and take advantage of it. We can be better surfers, better yogis, better kiters and better people if we start being more kind and loving to ourselves, it is all about the mindset and how do we cope with things.

Loving and accepting our bodies is a powerful tool to achieve anything we want as it is the vehicle that allows us to have this amazing experience called LIFE.

There are no limits, the limits are only in the mind and this is only a reminder of that.

We can only be truly kind and loving to others if we are kind and loving to ourselves, so let’s start inside.

Keep safe

Be kind


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