Yoga sunset

How does yoga get you in the meditation mindset?

Meditation mindset and a more full-filled life!

In all eras, human beings have been trying to develop the way to go through the hard way of getting conscious and finding themselves.

By this, we can put examples of the different practices around this topic. You can call it Zen, Sufism, Cabala, Yoga, or however, you want to name it the goal is the same: liberation, being free.

Maybe some of you have started this journey on the Yoga mat for a physical reason. Might as well be an illness, pain, stretching, getting your body in shape or just plain exercise to get fit.

What some of us who are already doing yoga or just starting is, how unaware of our bodies parts can we be. We start to think “oh I didn’t know I could stretch this area”, or “wow this muscle aches if I stretch it”, or “I didn’t know this part of my body existed”.

It’s all-new and for sure is a discovery of our beings in this amazing thing call the human body.


What happens then after you start doing yoga?


So here comes the fun part.

You fall in love with yoga. Some way or another it makes you feel good, calmed, centered, confident and for sure more aware of your body.

You learn how it can be used or moved with such freedom, that the outcome of it is this inviting feeling that makes you come back to the yoga mat again and again.

We might also feel, how the body is very picky.

Yes picky.

After it knows how to feel good it doesn’t want to come back to how it felt before. It’s always striving to be in this easiness feeling and one thing that helps during a Yoga session is how by being aware of what are we doing.

About what body part we are moving and how we get in this meditative mindset without us even noticing it. 

Why? Mostly because we have to focus. We have to be centered and aligned with yourself to do the asana, you have to put all of your attention to the pose you want to do.


Getting into a meditation mindset is easy


So it is mostly an easy thing to meditate.

The only difference is that instead of moving your body and being aware of it…. you will be still in one position getting aware of how your mind and emotions rise up in this constant movement that does not bring us peace or calmness or easiness. 

Here in Free your Mind, we recommend you to not be scared of the meditation part and invite you to allow it to happen naturally in your life.

It will help you in any practice you do (work, sports, love, etc). 

And even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person and you are only looking to improve in your daily tasks or surfing/kitesurfing you can be sure that you will gain more control over your life with meditation by just being aware on how your mind and emotions are working. 

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