Bring inner peace and calmness into your life with Mudras (Hands Yoga)

About 7 years ago a teacher and friend of mine who have been studying the Indian history in Delhi (if i’m not mistaken) brought this new piece of information about yoga with the hands as Asanas and as a way to reach deeper in a meditation. For example calming yourself down when being anxious, grounding you, finding peace  within or just finding your inner laugh.

After some research I found out how mudras have been there since we exist, as many of them are an intrinsic way of our body to cope with things happening to us. There is also no data available about when did someone started to investigate about the reactions of the body when your hands took a specific position.

Mudras have this way of easiness  that are perfect in any occasion; meetings, lying down, walking and if you have to be in bed can be a great help mostly because it does take much effort.

In this times when we are being forced to calm ourselves down, staying in inactivity periods and/or waiting periods we can take it as great value and as Gertrud Hirsch said in Yoga inner processes can be taken as the ocean. “ In turbulent waters, everything is confusing, the sun (sign of the divine) is hidden by clouds (worrying thoughts). If the ocean is at peace you can see the bottom and everything that’s reflecting is clear so the sun can be recognizable again”.

One mudra that might be in good use around these days is the Apana Mudra 


  • Promotes inner peace and calmness
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Strengthens digestion
  • Balances the mind giving us patience, balance, and harmony.

(To be practiced 3 times a day for 15 minutes each)

All mudras can be done in any position of the body, while meditating or just sitting down watching tv. The benefits of mudras can go over of whats explainable, thats why in some ways they are so mystic and a wonder to all of them who use them and feel them.

Your hands are a powerful tool to help you out in so many ways if you allow it, even putting your hand in a place that hurts you helps to ease out the pain.

So I encourage you who are reading this to get to know the power you have with your hands towards your mind and body.

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