How to choose a face mask

As the world is changing, so are our habits. It seems that wearing a mask is not really an option anymore.
So how to choose a mask?
Many have encountered the issue of having non homologated face masks, therefore we thought of putting together all the necessary and useful information.

Note that all the info is sourced and backed up by official institutions and authorities for the pandemic of COVID-19.
But please do to hesitate to contact us for any doubts you may have.
We will be pleased to help!


Firstly, which mask should you use?

If you are looking for a normal surgical mask, those are quite easy to find and also cheap.
But where most of us have encountered issues is with the “fakes” FFP2 and FFP3. We will go deeper on this on the next point.
Note that in Spain, government has controlled the prices of masks and gels, so resellers/pharmacies should not sell those items beyond a certain amount.

Here is the information on efficiency of the different types of faces masks.[/vc_column_text]

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Secondly, what to look at when buying one?

You want to make sure your mask a.k.a PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), is homologated, safe and complies with all requirements.

So check the CE sign on the packaging or the masks itself if available. Many confuse it with the fake CE sign of China Export for example.

comparison CE mark chia export

Official source and detailed info on CE marking HERE.

Thirdly, does it have the proper certificate of compliance?

Many persons, businesses and governments have had the issue of fake certificates when purchasing PPE. The European Safety Federation has shared on their website the list of forged and suspicious documents circulating. Find it here.

As a example, one of the most common ones are from the institute ECM in Italy. They even update daily, the list of fake certificates encountered.
List available here.

Here are some examples of wrong marking and forged certificates.

In conclusion, having the right information is crucial

In recent times, it seems difficult to get the proper information. Many have been victims of speculations, fake news and alarmism in this period of the pandemic.
We kept informed at all times, checking any news and double checking its sources.

So we hope that this information will help you find the right mask for you depending on what you need it for!

During our research this last 2 months, we came across a good and resumed infographic of all the above. But remember you will still need to check the certificate!

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