Kitesurfing in Tarifa winter times

8 reasons why Tarifa in autmn and winter month is a pure watersport and kitesurf paradise!

You think same as many other people that Tarifa is just great to kitesurf, surf or do any other action sport in the summer month? Wrong! Autumn and winter are a great time to come over and have a great and affordable vacation!

Here you find our 8 reasons why we love Tarifa in winter month!


  1. You have the beaches for yourself and a few friends
  2. The weather is most of the time great to do actions sports
  3. You can be lucky to find some good swell and go surfing
  4. Accommodation prices are totally down
  5. Flights are cheaper
  6. Car rentals will almost leave you a car for free
  7. Shops have huge discounts
  8. You will have a peaceful time


1. Empty beaches

You may know the legends about the over crowded beaches in Tarifa in summer? Well, yes, it’s busy. But, why are you not considering to come in autumn or winter? Between the 15.06. and 15.09. the wonderful beach of Tarifa is limited to bathing zones and kitesurfing zones.. That’s one of the reasons why it gets so busy. In between that, basically from 15.09. until 15.06. you can kite all the 7km long beach along. Beautiful downwinder from Valdevaqueros or Bolonia to the city awaiting you and its just a dream kiting at lonely beaches in Tarifa. 

huge kite beach Tarifa

2. Great weather

Yes, if you come from northern europe its not easy to believe that the weather is really ok in winter times. But yes, it is! The typical down pressures which are hitting the northern european countries are either touching the south of spain with some nice windy days or are leaving some swell to kite in waves or to surf on sunny days on january! Additionally, its not anymore so hot as in summer which means, you can go for hiking, mountain biking or climbing during the day. Of course, it also rains sometimes down here, but never longer than a day or two. You can even decide very spontaneously, after you looked at the weather forecast to come over!

3. Swell

Tarifa is quiet protected from heavy atlantic swells but in wintertime you can get lucky and find a surfing paradise in the zone. Check out magicseaweed for an exact forecast and bring your own board or rent one of us!


4. Accommodation

During the seasonal month, the accommodation prices rising into the unbelievable ranges… the opposite happens in winter, its becomes very affordable and you can get beach front places for almost nothing! We have a dedicated kite and yoga villa and maybe you even consider to stay for a month, its not too expensive during low season!

hotel in Morocco

5. Flights are cheaper

There are so many airlines going to Malaga, Jerez or Sevilla which makes it difficult for them to fill up the winter and low season month. Result, dumping flight prices! So look at the forecast, take a long weekend or some vacations and book your last minute flight to Malaga!

Sunrise travel airplane

6. Rental cars

Sounds funny right? But true.. Paying one euro per day or less, yes, you heard right, around one euro a day! (without additional sh***) you will be paying for a rental car in Malaga. Why? They have a huge flotte and in winter time, they are parked and not used but need to do a certain amount of miles… Result: So cheap thats its difficult to believe.

dream travel

7. You can go shopping with huge discounts! 

Either if you are looking for some beautiful clothes, all shops have discounts until 70%. As well as most kitesurfing gear is way more cheaper, as new modells are releasing and the shops needs to get rid of their stocks. So if you are looking into some new gear or clothes, another great argument to come to Tarifa in low season!

8. Peaceful time

All the crowdedness is gone, not just at the beach, but also on the roads, the supermarkets, restaurants and just all over. Which makes.. the complete vacation more relaxed and easy.. And you’ll meet the real expats which are staying all year along. Families, couples and all kind of interesting people.

sunset at sea

We talked about all the reason why its great to come to Tarifa for kitesurfing or action sports in winter in this article but yes, there are also some contras:

  • Some restaurants are closed
  • If you look for party, you will need to go to a big city
  • If you don’t check the forecast and are one of the unlucky ones, yes, it can also rain for 2-3 days (so check the forecast before!)

We hope this helped to clarify a bit the conditions in autumn and winter times in Tarifa and if you have questions, or maybe other suggestions you are very welcome to write us!

Ah yes, and of course, we are all year long open 😉

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