9 reasons why to start Yoga with Online Yoga classes

Why start Yoga with Online Yoga classes?


Let’s start with the basics. Why do yoga?

Maybe you are thinking … really… Are we going to start talking about how great yoga is?


We are here to tell you there is more to it, than just feeling amazing and how great Yoga is for your health.


Our answer is quite simple… Why not?


  • If you are already a yogi you know the feeling.
  • You are even an advanced yogi with many years of experience, you also know how it can do wonders to your lifestyle. And even change your complete life.
  • Or, if you are beginning your yoga journey. You are in new grounds in this inner-outer adventure. Congratulations!


And if you are the One coming here just to know how we will convince you that the Online Yoga classes are magnificent; We might have one or two reasons for that, you’ll see 😉

After quarantine announcements, we thought this for a very long time, and even thinking about the future without it we thought… 

Well, we want to keep being part of this amazing worldwide community, that gives so much back without caring if we can meet physically or not.


But we also wanted more than that.


Online Yoga festivals


After the two Yoga festival events, we organized we saw this amazing group of people gathering around online as a community and also as a family.


One was the Full Moon Online Yoga festival and the other was the International Online festival. 

To say the least for sure both of them were international and both of them were online. 


If you haven’t participated yet in one of them with us, we can tell you that you will definitely feel a great sense of community while participating in it!


For us, we loved the support we received, as experienced teachers and yogis. 

We felt this great joy to share our knowledge with so many people and seeing how some of you embraced the idea. You engaged with what each teacher had to offer in their individual classes which were magnificent to see!


So, we set up this weekly adventure of Online Yoga Classes for as long as we are able to do it.

We want keep supporting the project, our community of yoga teachers and yoga students.

Also, did we found out, that these online gatherings are actually perfect for people who are new to Yoga.



So.. we are Busted!


That is one of the reasons which you will see whilst scrolling down.


Reasons why it is a perfect opportunity to start Online Yoga Classes


1. Control over your life

Is not necessary to move from where you are, you can spontaneously join a class without having to move to another part of the city. 

You can easily join in a friends house, your yard, in your midday break at work or wherever you are at.


2. If you are shy 

There is no need to switch on a video if you don’t want (even if we would recommend it).

Also no need to speak upfront, you can also easily chat directly with the teacher who is giving you the lesson for any enquiries. 

Most of the students just participate and are muted, some with, some without video.


3. The class can be organized towards what you need 

In the Free your Mind team we believe that engaging with our students is the best part of the work so that’s why we are always encouraged to leave a comment or a request for the class schedule. 

The teachers will take requests to align the class in that direction.


4. Feeling comfortable in Online Yoga classes

You can be in your pyjamas, ugliest clothing, or even naked if you want to go wild and not show the camera for sure.

 It depends on you and you can be totally free with Online Yoga classes.


5. Not feeling self-conscious about your practice

You will not feel awkward doing certain poses as nobody is having his head in your butt.

That will allow you to have freedom of movement, nobody will look at you if you fall from a pose.


6. You support the community/teachers/studio

We are all about team building, community supporting and being there for each other as a unity. 

By taking Online Yoga classes you are also helping us to grow as individuals in many ways.


7. Easier way to include a practice in your schedule

Even though we do offer this already established times for classes you can also ask for a private class at any time you want, any day, with whoever you want to practice with.


8. It’s cheaper than a normal yoga class

After all of the other reasons, finances are something that it appears in many people’s mind when it comes to classes, so for sure cheaper yoga classes can also be beneficial to you


9. Free Online Yoga classes, if you can’t afford it

If you are in this situation where you really want to take a class but can not afford it, by contacting us you can enter the classes for free. We know that not everybody is now in the position to pay money, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!