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Learning how to surf Surfing is definitely one of the most complex sports out there, no wave is the same so the playground is always changing. Elements, such as wind, tides and swell are affecting the waves you surf every day. Although the...

Just as a start, I want to say this is not a writing for women only. This is for all of us who have ever felt we need to change something from our bodies or simply not take care of...

Meditation mindset and a more full-filled life! In all eras, human beings have been trying to develop the way to go through the hard way of getting conscious and finding themselves. By this, we can put examples of the different practices...

  The moon  connection with our bodies and planet earth may go beyond  of our understanding. In one way we can say that biologically it regulates the fluids in our bodies, in the animals and the earth. So what does that...