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Based in Tarifa in the south of Spain, we are offering Kite, Wingfoil & Surf Classes and Camps as well as Yoga and Coaching – check out our Destinations and special packages and offers find your personal match!

Semi Privat Kite class

Kitesurfing Classes

Kitesurfing Tarifa: With our private lessons you learn kitesurfing in the fastest and most effective way adapted to your needs. Let us advise you!


Kitesurf camps

A great opportunity to taste the real surf and kitesurf lifestyle, carefree, adventurous, and breathtaking. Unlimited hours of kitesurfing and surfing. A unique and truly rich experience.

sunset yoga pose

Kite, Yoga & Coaching

Combine action & relaxation with our kitesurf & yoga course! Also personalized offers available!

Destination Wind

 Let us take you through a journey of discovery, rich culture and endless kite sessions in a place called Tarifa. 

We founded our kiteschool here, 10 years ago. Since then, it has been our home and base.

Its a unique location right in front of Africa, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet and melt with amazing wind all year long.

Its surrounded by natural parks and stunning beaches, which makes this lovely town, one of the jewels of Southern Spain.

Welcome to this windy paradise!


Satifaction guaranteed

Why choose Free your Mind Experience?


We only believe in excellent customer service. We genuinely care for all our guests and commit to their total satisfaction.


Insights and expertise in the kite & surf industry: from knowing the world class spots to the kites production and manufacturing.


Our key priority is make tourism more sustainable: having a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.


We develop a personal relationship with all our guest, adapting to their needs. Come as a stranger and leave as a friend.


Our policy of No Wind, No Pay, guarantees your money back in case classes or courses can not be done.


We have the perfect place just for you! Pick a destination and let us take care of the rest.

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