Please read our latest statements on #coronavirus pandemic

Travel advice and statements below as from March 2020 until today.
Know that the situation and restrictions may change again, so check with your authorities their latest recommendations.

We hope you are keeping the spirits up!

Check also our tips for keeping your immune system up 😉

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Your Free your Mind Team


MAY 2020

As from May 21st, the use of face masks in Spain is mandatory not only in public transports, but also in public places. See official BOE.

To be more precise, any closed public space, as well as open places where you can not keep the social distancing (2 meters).
Of course there are some exceptions, we have summarised them here:

  • children under 6 years old
  • people with respiratory problems that can be aggravated with its use.
  • when it is not recommended for justified health reasons.
  • dependent or disabled people with behaviour issues that make them wearing not possible.
  • in activities that, because of their nature, are incompatible with.
  • cause of “force majeure” or situation of need.

Check our entry on how to choose a proper face mask, very useful information!



MAY 2020

It’s been a very busy month, as we have been working and developing the protocols, hosting meetings and working together with other schools of Tarifa to prepare this season!

We have been actively participating in all the meetings with local authorities, the Sailing Spanish federation, business associations and so much more in order to give the best service as always and keep your safety and well-being as our main priority.

A full protocol has been developed within our Association of kite schools of Tarifa and we have here the summarised action protocol.

kitesurf Tarifa

MAY 2020

While we were waiting to get back in the water, we’ve developed in March our online yoga classes online. More than ever, we need to live consciously and keep grounded but it is also a great tool to keep strong, in shape and balanced.
Yoga has been a fantastic practice combined with kitesurfing, check out our blog post on it!
Try one of the many yoga styles we offer, on our daily classes!


APRIL 2020

As part of the Association of officials Kiteschools of Tarifa, Free your Mind has been working together with all its members, one the new protocols for classes and how to proceed this season.

Together with the local authorities and the businesses and tourism associations we try to create a community that will help and support each other in these difficult times.

We will post soon more updates!